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1st off, yes, David Picciuto made these recently; I have his permission to make this also. Thanks David for the plans!

This was a fun build and these are very popular in the craft set. Made two dice – one from walnut, the other from paduck (padauk?) Finished in natural danish oil and spray lacquer. However, for some reason, the lacquer did not do so well on the paduak, it was sticky after 3 days, so it got sanded down and then sprayed with shellac. Much better result.


Welcome to my 25th video!!

Started building these Toddler Time Out chairs last month. These are made from red oak and finished in Minwax Espresso stain. The letters are painted with paint pens (I need the pin point of them since I am a bit sloppy in painting). Finished in a few coats of spray lacquer.

The chair measures 16 inches high at the back. The seat is about 9 inches high. It is 13 inches wide.


Built this Learning Tower for a customer using the plans from Ana White (link below). I made a few modifications of my own (including the addition of more safety rails that can be removed). This seemed the most practical way and also does not provide pinch points that come with hinges.

It stands 38 inches high and is 18 x 18 inches. The platform has 4 adjustment levels that are in 4 inch increments.


I was asked to make these spear holders for a colleague who has his father’s African spears. These are made from Sapele – my 1st time working with this wood and as the reveal shows, the grain is amazing – like it has golden highlights running through it. I decided to go with the inlays to match the maple blocks used as diamond shaped accents.

Here is Part 2 of the table build. Made from Western Red Cedar, measures 12 feet by 4 feet. Legs are 6×6 timbers. Tabletop and bench tops are 2 x 8’s and 2 x 6’s. Finished in Epifanes varnish. There are 4 coats on the tabletop.
Delivered to a happy customer.

Here is part 1 of a massive table build I did in December for a customer.
This is the largest build I have ever done and really enjoyed the journey it took me.
Table is made from Western Red Cedar. Measures 12 feet by 4 feet. This is also the 1st time for making breadboard ends, which as you can see are not the cleanest, but they work. I used 1/2 inch oak dowels for the pins.

Made this solid cherry cutting board with wood burned vines for a good friend. Hand shaped handle. Finished in mineral oil.
Delivered it to her in Denver at her birthday celebration.
Lots of fun and a live Mariachi band – Mariachi Vasquez!

Using the plans from the latest issue of Wood Magazine, I made this Iowa Class Battleship out of cherry, walnut and maple with a few modifications of my own.
It is 3 feet long by 7 inches wide! Weighs over 12 pounds too!!
It is finished in natural danish oil and satin poly.

First time repairing a handle like this. This set has been in my wife’s family for decades and needed a little fixing.
The fork handle was very loose and needed a new handle. I used walnut and some new brass pins. Also touched up the finish on the knife and spoon. Finished in boiled linseed oil and wife on poly.

Restoring an Antique Window Transom (#015) w/ Lil Jimmy Diresta: I picked up this antique (1900) window transom in Arkansas a couple years ago. The transom is from England. It sat in my shop for the past two years and I finally got a chance to refurbish it. Took all the white (possibly) lead paint off of it then stained in Dark Walnut Danish Oil and some wipe-on Poly. Placed LED lights on the back side and made it a wall hanging.

PUPPETS, SPACE, WOOD ART!!: For perhaps the first time, I combined puppets, space and wood art in one place! A beautiful piece of Bolivian Rosewood was found at my local Rockler. Too nice to cut up, it resembled a galaxy, so I went with that theme and made a piece of wood art.

VLOG 1 – River City Marketplace Craft Fair: My 1st video blog of our day at the River City MarketPlace craft fair (14 May) in Sacramento. Fantastic day to get together with other artists and craftsmen. Always think about buying locally made items – you support an artist and a community. We did pretty well, a great crowd of shoppers.

Making Dice Drink Coasters: A quick and easy weekend project to make some dice drink coasters to protect your surfaces and better enjoy that beverage! Made from red oak and walnut dowels, finished in Rustoleum Natural Danish Oil and MANY coats of spray lacquer.

Using Danish Oil and Lacquer: A quick comparison of using lacquer and danish oil. I am a believer of using danish oil on certain hardwoods like walnut, cherry and curly maple as it brings out the grain something awesome. I still finish off with lacquer, but rarely use lacquer alone. They go nicely together. Have a watch and enjoy. Give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Making Plaques for the Coast Guard: Have the honor of making a number of presentation plaques for a friend in the Coast Guard. These are made from solid cherry and finished in natural danish oil and then a few coats of spray lacquer.

You’ve Got Sticker Mail: Sticker swapping is happening around the woodworking world. Better than trading cards!! Thanks to Steve Ramsey of Wood Working for Mere Mortals for the sticker.

7 Seas Coin Display: In honor of the 7 Seas Coin Series by Anchor Up 1893 Coins, I began building these coin displays. They proved popular. This is a bit more than woodworking, but is a unique project.

SHAPEOKO 3 Build and Run: Received my Shapeoko 3 CNC Machine, did the build and a few test runs. Still have a few bugs to work out, but it is up and running. Looking forward to many projects and providing some videos of them. Give a a LIKE, share and have a great day!!

Challenge Coin History and Rack Build: Taking my hobby and my woodworking and putting them together. Some history of the challenge coin and also showing how I build a new display rack.

Challenge Coin History and Rack Build: Taking my hobby and my woodworking and putting them together. Some history of the challenge coin and also showing how I build a new display rack.

Maple Walnut Box: I made a couple curly maple and walnut keepsake boxes. They are finished in natural danish oil and spray lacquer. The grain really comes out well with this wood. The fitted lid is done with 45 degree angles which I am really getting into. Enjoy and Thanks for Watching!

Welcome to Rowdy Penguin Productions: Hello World! Welcome to Rowdy Penguin, a veteran owned small woodworker business. I offer handcrafted woodworking designs and look forward to making sawdust everyday! Enjoy!

Corpsman 2003: Dedicated to the Navy Hospital Corpsman. Semper Fi! If you see yourself or someone you know in this video, please let me know. I welcome your comments.